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Micah Parzen: It's About ALL of Us

Micah Parzen smiling with arms crossed in an orange frame

Welcome back, friends! We’ve missed you. In this first episode of season 2, host Grant Oliphant and Micah Parzen, CEO of the Museum of Us, delve into efforts to preserve historic border wall murals in partnership with Friends of Friendship Park. Amidst the introspection triggered by George Floyd's murder, they discuss the Museum's transformative journey toward greater inclusion in the museum. This includes rebranding the museum and forging a meaningful partnership with the Kumeyaay Nation, all aimed at honoring the diverse histories of the San Diego region. Micah sheds light on Balboa Park's complex past, revealing a community-driven effort to recount its true history.  Plus, we're excited to introduce our new co-host, Crystal Page, who brings fresh insights to our discussions about the interview, meaning Grant won't have to converse with himself anymore. 

About Micah Parzen:

Micah Parzen is a nonprofit leader, attorney, and anthropologist, who is always searching for ways of partnering with others to create transformative organizational change. He has served as CEO of the Museum of Us (formerly the San Diego Museum of Man) since 2010, where he and his team are focused on developing better and better practices in what an anti-racist and decolonial museum can look like, along with how those practices can create a positive ripple effect in the museum field and beyond.

Micah currently serves as the President of the Board of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, a collaboration of 28 arts & culture institutions in Balboa Park, which sits on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Kumeyaay Nation.

Show Credits:

This is a production of the Prebys Foundation.

Hosted by Grant Oliphant

Co-Hosted by Crystal Page

Co-produced by Crystal Page and Adam Greenfield

Engineered by Adam Greenfield

Production Assistance by Tess Karesky 

The Stop & Talk Theme song created by San Diego’s own Mr. Lyrical Groove

Recorded at the Voice of San Diego Podcast Studio

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