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2021-2023 Grant Recipients


The Foundation’s priority for its first two years was to provide much-needed funding during the pandemic to organizations doing great work in San Diego. Now the Foundation is building on this as it expands its staff and deepens relationships in the community by moving into a more deliberate and interactive way of operating that leans heavily into partnerships and the wisdom and expertise that lives in our communities. 

2021-2023 Supported Projects


Total Paid Awards 2021-2022


Number of Grantees 2021-2022 


Total Paid Awards 2023*

For a full list of projects: 

2021 Grant List

2022 Grant List

2023 Grant List*

*All 2023 lists are works in progress and will be finalized in Q1 of 2024.

Toolkit & Resources

Brand Guidelines & Logos

Matching Grants

Matching Grant Form 


*This PDF is for organizations with matching grants. It should be filled out and uploaded in the Grants Portal, under Requirements, with your Matching Grant Payment Request Form.

Grant Portal


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