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Macedonio Arteaga Jr: Taking Time to Help People Heal is a Basic Human Function

Macedonio Arteaga headshot, with his name and title, Executive Director, Izcalli

As the Executive Director of Izcalli, a long-standing non-profit organization that works with at-risk youth, Macedonio Arteaga has a keen eye for the needs of future generations. If you combine that with his past advocacy experience in the San Diego region and his evident sense of humor, it's clear San Diego has a special and needed resource in hand.

In this episode of Stop and Talk, Macedonio discusses how to strengthen communities through art and culture, how being a comedian and using humor creates empathy and understanding for San Diego youths' struggles, and much more.

Hosted by Grant Oliphant

Co-produced by Crystal Page & Adam Greenfield

Engineered by Adam Greenfield

Recorded in the Voice of San Diego Studio

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