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Please note: The Foundation is undertaking strategic planning. As a result, we are not accepting LOIs or applications at this time. We appreciate your patience and welcome you to check the website for further updates in early 2023. If you would like to be notified once an update has been made available, please complete this form by clicking HERE



  • Does The Conrad Prebys Foundation support organizations outside of San Diego?

The Conrad Prebys Foundation focuses primarily on organizations located in San Diego County. Unsolicited requests from beyond San Diego are rarely approved.

  • What kinds of grant requests are considered?

The Foundation reviews requests for general operating funds, program support, technology/equipment, scholarship funds, new strategic initiatives, capital campaigns/projects, and occasionally multi-year grants. We do not accept requests for endowments, endowment campaigns, debt retirement, special event or gala sponsorship, political campaigning, or religious purposes. In general, at least 50% of organizational operations must fall under one or more of the Foundation’s focus areas for an application to be approved. If the organization does not operate 100% within a focus area, grants must be program-related instead of general operating, with 100% of requested funds falling within a Foundation focus area.

  • What is an appropriate request amount?

Many factors influence the size of grant awards, including the scale of the organization and its budget, grant sizes from other organizational funders, the age and maturity of the organization, prior relationship with the organization, focus area, and more. The Foundation's minimum award amount is $10,000.

  • Do you regularly consider awarding multi-year grants?

Multi-year grants are generally not considered until a grantee has completed at least one grant cycle. The majority of multi-year grants are three years in length and no longer than five years.

  • Will The Conrad Prebys Foundation make grants to organizations operating under a fiscal sponsor?

In general, the Foundation does not make grants to organizations with a fiscal sponsor unless they are relatively new organizations with plans to form their own 501(c)(3).



  • How many grant cycles are there each year?

The Conrad Prebys Foundation has two grant cycles per year, a Winter Cycle (grants awarded in the winter) and a Summer Cycle (grants awarded in the summer).

  • How often may an organization apply?

The majority of organizations may not apply more than once per year for general operating or program support.* Organizations that apply, whether funded or not, must wait a minimum of one year to apply again. (For example, an organization that applied during the Winter Cycle is not eligible to apply for the immediate next cycle—the Summer Cycle—but instead must wait to apply during the following Winter Cycle or later.) If an organization fails to submit timely reports, they will be notified that they are “not in good standing.” Organizations that are “not in good standing” must wait an additional year beyond their current cycle to submit a new LOI. (For example, an organization funded in the Summer 2021 Cycle will need to wait at least until the Summer 2023 Cycle to apply again.) An organization may apply for operating or program support during an active capital campaign grant, or simultaneously, with the Foundation’s approval.
*Exceptions will be made to this once-per-year guideline for two types of organizations: Universities may be invited to submit more than once annually, pending discussion with Foundation staff, as may organizations conducting medical research

  • If my organization is awarded a multi-year grant, when are we eligible to next apply?

Organizations awarded a multi-year grant must wait until the completion of that grant before next applying.  (For example, an organization awarded a 2-year grant in the Winter 2021 Cycle is not eligible to apply until the Winter 2023 Cycle.)

  • If my organization withdraws an application, when are we eligible to reapply?

If an application was submitted and then withdrawn, the organization must wait a minimum of one year to apply again. (For example, an organization that applied and withdrew during the Winter Cycle is not eligible to apply for the immediate next cycle—the Summer Cycle—but instead must wait to apply during the following Winter Cycle or later.) Please note, this applies only to applications that are submitted and then withdrawn. If an application has been started, but never submitted, the organization is welcome to apply in the following cycle.

  • Do you accept meetings with new prospective grantees?

Occasionally. For new organizations, we recommend that you begin by submitting your LOI. After reviewing your LOI, we will determine if we would like to arrange a meeting to learn more.

  • Can you download/print the LOI and Grant Application?

Yes. Before filling out an LOI or Grant Application, you may find it helpful to click the "Printer Friendly Version" button inside the Grants Portal. This will offer you a preview of all of the questions. You may choose to download a document to draft your responses, and then copy into the online form when ready to submit. After you submit, the system will send you an email with your responses which you may save or print as desired. The system also saves your work so that you may complete parts of the application during different sessions, log back on, and start where you left off.

  • Can I upload a video, brochure, or weblink as part of my application?

In the LOI and full Grant Application, you have the option to include a hyperlink to your website. However, this is optional, and organizations that choose not to will still receive the same consideration. 

  • After I click “submit,” will I still be able to make edits?


  • How do I know that you received my LOI or Grant Application?

You will receive an email thanking you for your submission. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder before contacting The Foundation. We recommend you add to your address book or safe senders list to ensure you receive all system communications. Please note that is an alert system only; if you reply/send an email to that address, it will not be received.



  • Is a login required?

Yes. You must create a login to access the Grants Portal.

  • Which browsers work best for the LOI and Grant Application?

All browsers are compatible with the Grants Portal. 


  • I cannot locate the link to log back into the Grants Portal. Where do I find it?

Please click HERE. This link will take you back to the Grants Portal to log back in and access saved applications and/or reports. Please note that the link to start an LOI/access the Grants Portal for the first time is unique from this link to log back in. You can also copy and paste this link into your preferred browser:

  • Our organization can no longer access the Grants Portal, as our previous contact has left the organization. What do we do?

Please submit a contact form here and we will reassign your organization’s contact person within the Grants Portal. Please provide the name/email of the prior contact, and the name/email of the new contact. Be sure to select "Technical Support" in the Subject dropdown.



  • Will we receive feedback if our proposal is declined?

Due to the volume of applications received, we cannot offer individual feedback. If we have specific feedback to offer that might help your organization in the future, we commit to sharing that with you proactively.

  • If my organization has been declined, may I reapply?

Yes, although you must wait at least one year before reapplying.

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