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Youth Mental Health
Innovation & Scaling Initiative

Grantees to be announced
Happy Kids

The Conrad Prebys Foundation aims to identify or expand promising efforts to address mental and behavioral health challenges to improve social, emotional wellbeing; and to find or expand effective treatments to prevent or reduce anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.

To address this challenge, The Conrad Prebys Foundation has announced a $10 million two-year grant. One-year grants will cover funding ranging from $50,000-$150,000; multi-year grants will cover funding ranging from $100,000-$250,000 annually for two years.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health challenges were already the leading cause of disability and poor life outcomes in young people across the United States and in San Diego. The pandemic exacerbated these challenges, leading to an even greater increase in youth behavioral health issues. In San Diego, as in many cities across the country, there is a significant need for a more coordinated, youth-centered, and equitable system that will better serve young people’s mental health needs and put them on a path to success.

How do I apply?

Click the button below to access the application.


What is the goal of the RFP?

As part of this grantmaking strategy, the foundation has announced that it will also issue a Request for Proposals for additional organizations that are interested in being considered for funding under this program.

The funding under the RFP aims to:

  • Encourage organizations to identify new ways of working that might unlock greater future impact

  • Enable and provide incentives for collaboration and partnership across sectors and among organizations for meaningful cooperation

  • Support innovative approaches on behavioral and mental health work

  • Help expand or deepen existing projects in the San Diego Region that are already demonstrating success

Who should apply?

The grant strategy will include grants to local organizations that are providing programs with a proven record of effectiveness that improve social and/or emotional well-being or which offer effective treatments for mental health issues.

Preference will be given to programs serving diverse populations, youth who are out of school and unemployed, or youth who experience excessive physical, emotional, or psychological pressure.

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