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Season 1 Wrap Up

Image looking up at three smiling people with their arms around each other. Text on top "Let's Stop & Talk about 2023"

In this installment of "Stop & Talk," we take a journey through the highlights of Season 1, revisiting the wisdom and insights shared by each guest. Grant delves into the core themes that emerged, focusing on how these influential figures draw upon their personal journeys, foster robust networks, and maintain a deep-rooted sense of fulfillment in their professional endeavors. Tune in to uncover the shared experiences and valuable lessons that define their success and strengthen San Diego communities.

Guests include: Svasti Haricharan, Dr. Dan Calac, Felicia Shaw, David Miyashiro, john powell, Rafael Payare, Megan Thomas, Sidd Vivek, Roxana Velásquez, Macedonio Arteaga Jr, and Cara Dessert.

Hosted by Grant Oliphant 

Co-produced by Crystal Grant & Adam Greenfield

Engineered by Adam Greenfield Recorded in the Voice of San Diego Studio  

This podcast is an initiative of the Prebys Foundation, the largest independent private foundation in San Diego County, dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and vibrant future for all residents of San Diego.

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