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Press Release:$1 million Grant for Cajon Valley Union School District’s World of Work Program

The Conrad Prebys Foundation has announced that it has awarded a $1 million, two-year grant to the World of Work program at Cajon Valley Union School District.

The grant serves to highlight the innovative approach that the Cajon Valley Union School District, led by Superintendent David Miyashiro, has taken to help put students on a path to a successful career.

In 2017, Cajon Valley Union School District launched its World of Work program as a way to help students discover their unique strengths, interests, and values needed in the world to be a happy person, live in healthy relationships, and find a path to gainful employment.

The effort has attracted attention nationwide, and there are now districts across the United States that are using this model to prepare students in K-12 for their future directions. The district created a nonprofit organization, the World of Work Foundation, to help build a community of educators and share information about how to prepare students for their dream careers. This year, they hosted their first annual World of Work Summit, bringing together educators and other experts from across the country to learn from each other.

The grant from the Conrad Prebys Foundation was designed to help Cajon Valley Union School District continue to: strengthen its work to serve students by growing its high school program, known as Bostonia Global; build partnerships with local investors and business partners to offer students opportunities for hands-on training and job experience; and continue to expand the model to school districts across the country through its annual conference and other opportunities.

“David Miyashiro and his colleagues at Cajon Valley Union School District are creating something truly exceptional, which will benefit our students and our community for many years to come,” said Grant Oliphant, CEO of the Conrad Prebys Foundation. “We are thrilled to support this great work and we are delighted that it is serving as such a model for communities across the country.”

"The World of Work Foundation and the Cajon Valley Union School District are so grateful to the Conrad Prebys Foundation for ongoing support of youth development as we close the gap between education and the World of Work,” said David Miyashiro, Superintendent of the Cajon Valley Union School District. “Investing in youth career development will have significant positive impact for the entire San Diego regional economy and ecosystem.”

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