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Prebys Foundation welcomes Tess Karesky

Headshot of Tess Karesky

Prebys Foundation is thrilled to announce the addition of Tess Karesky to our team as the new Communications Administrator. With a decade of experience in marketing research, analysis, and consulting, Tess brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our foundation. Her role is pivotal in supporting our communication department's efforts to execute projects that propel our narrative and goals forward.

Tess's journey in marketing began at CDK Global, where she honed her skills while completing her B.A. in Mass Communication with a minor in Film. Her initial foray into marketing there involved developing content for social media, crafting speeches, and writing white papers tailored to improving the buying experience for car shoppers. Collaborating closely with her supervisor on research and content development, Tess played a crucial role in establishing CDK Global's inaugural market research department.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tess's personal story is one of adventure and creative exploration. From her early aspirations in acting to learning guitar at a local music store where she worked in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Tess's creative pursuits have deeply influenced her identity and approach to marketing. Her experiences volunteering in Buenos Aires and navigating life in various U.S. cities have enriched her perspective, culminating in her move to San Diego—a city that resonates with her values and aspirations.

In San Diego, Tess has immersed herself in the local community, embracing opportunities for creative expression through improv theater and art classes, and cherishing the connections she's made within her queer friend group. Tess's passion for the region and its people is evident in her excitement about joining the Prebys Foundation, where she sees a unique opportunity to contribute to meaningful change. "California has always been my true north," Tess shared. "Prebys Foundation's commitment to addressing systemic issues aligns with my values. I am eager to lend my skills towards fostering community engagement and supporting initiatives that promote collective well-being."

We are confident that Tess's rich background in marketing and her deep commitment to community engagement will be invaluable assets to the Prebys Foundation. Please join us in welcoming Tess Karesky to our team.

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