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Prebys Foundation welcomes Edgar Ontiveros Medina

Photo of Edgar Ontiveros Medina from the chest up

Prebys Foundation is pleased to announce Edgar Ontiveros Medina has joined the organization as Digital Strategist & Multimedia Designer.

Edgar is a creative and strategic communications professional. With over ten years of experience in photography, video production, and graphic design, his passion is uplifting stories of community power, resilience, and joy.

As an immigrant with a background in community organizing, Edgar leverages his bilingual and creative skills to inspire people to take action. He served as the Media Specialist at the Mid-City Community Advocacy Network for three years. He developed and implemented successful digital strategies for community organizing campaigns, civic engagement, fundraising, and leadership development programs. Edgar effectively integrated digital work with traditional organizing, working hand-in-hand with community members to advocate for Youth Opportunity Passes.

Before joining the Prebys Foundation, Edgar worked for nearly four years for San Diego County District 4. He created content and led digital initiatives that connected community members to resources, funding opportunities, and policy and local government information. He also supported the community engagement team in planning events, conducting outreach, and connecting with organizations and local leaders from City Heights.

Outside of his employment, Edgar supports local organizations and initiatives, creating an impact in the areas of climate change, transportation, bike advocacy, and social justice through photography and video production.

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