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Teaser Trailer: New Prebys Podcast Premiers September 13

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Next Wednesday, the Prebys Foundation will launch its new podcast. This week, we've released a trailer to explain why the foundation is podcasting.

Stop and Talk is a new weekly place-based podcast hosted by Grant Oliphant (CEO of the Conrad Prebys Foundation). A veteran of both podcasting and philanthropy – Oliphant invites us on a journey to explore building a more intentional culture of deeper connection to advance wellness in the greater San Diego region.

Join Grant each week as he meets artists, scientists, civic leaders, educators, and more to explore what belonging can look and feel like in the Pacific Southwest and how we can bridge and build interconnected communities with our neighbors and all those who are willing to do the work.

Subscribe today on your favorite podcast platform. Our first episode will be out next week!

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Jeffrey Wohler
Jeffrey Wohler
08 de set. de 2023

Excellent opening to the continuation of your relaunch of the great work Conrad Prebys Foundation has done. I am interested in two things. One, inviting Grant to be a guest on my podcast The Greater Good, sponsored by the San Diego Harbor Police Foundation. We have approximately 30,000 listeners. Two, submitting a request to be a guest on your new podcast where I would love to talk about our work with Grace W. Perkins K-8 school in the Barrio Logan. We are building opportunities within this highly disadvantaged community where homelessness ratios are about 40%. We have multiple programs including Teachers RUL (relationships-unity-love) that focuses on reading comprehension and more importantly relationships. I look forward to hearing from yo…

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