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Megan Thomas: San Diego Philanthropy and Nonprofits Collaborate for Positive Impact

Megan Thomas is the President & CEO of Catalyst of San Diego and Imperial Counties. Hailing from San Diego, Megan has traveled the country and discovered just how much San Diego has to offer compared to other cities. Because of this, her passion for philanthropic endeavors is strong.

In this episode of Stop & Talk, Megan discusses the landscape of philanthropy in San Diego, the pulse of nonprofits in a post-pandemic world and society, the impressive collaborative efforts of funders in San Diego city and county, the importance and challenges of dreaming big and meeting those dreams, the idea of time as a commodity, and much more.


Hosted by Grant Oliphant

Produced by Crystal Page & Adam Greenfield

Engineered by Adam Greenfield

Recorded in the Voice of San Diego Studio

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