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Prebys Foundation welcomes Tiffany Thompson

Headshot of Tiffany Thompson

Prebys Foundation is pleased to announce that Tiffany Thompson has joined the organization to serve as Executive Assistant to Vice Presidents of Programs Chris Sichel and Emily Young.

Tiffany comes to Prebys with over 12 years of experience supporting leadership and managing projects, including serving as a member of the Employee Engagement Committee and Quality Performance work group at Harvard Health Services and, more recently, as an Executive Assistant at Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine. She is known for her ability to “eat the elephant,” meaning she can take on big, sometimes daunting goals and break them down to accomplish them. Her achievements show her voracious appetite in this regard. Tiffany has several significant projects under her belt, including coordinating statewide disaster relief training for the Red Cross, developing a new program that provides school supplies and career education to children, and revamping the gargantuan annual performance review report at Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine to make it more accessible to laymen.

Beyond her impressive skillset, Tiffany is driven by a desire to help others. This led her to get a degree in psychology and to work in the healthcare industry, where she could be a voice for others to get the care they need. “It is important to me to be part of something bigger than myself and help the community at large,” Tiffany said. “That’s why I’m excited to be at Prebys. The work and the mission of the foundation speak to my core values.”

A Vermont native, Tiffany made her way west through Boston and Tennessee before settling here with her family. She and her husband, a Navy member, love to spend their time exploring San Diego with their son. They can often be found at family arts events, visiting new playgrounds, or beach hopping. Like many San Diegans, they spend as much time outside as possible. 

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