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Healing through the Arts and Nature Initiatives  
Open June 17 - July 29, 2024

Prebys Foundation believes that getting outdoors and engaging with arts and culture can reduce, prevent and respond to harm and suffering while also creating, and sustaining, a state of well-being. This belief has long been held by many indigenous peoples and is currently being embraced across the globe.  


Recent data supports outdoors as medicine: 

  • People living near parks and “green spaces” have less mental distress, are more physically active, and have extended life spans.  

  • Exposure to nature may positively affect mortality rates in individuals with chronic diseases. 

  • There is strong evidence that time spent in nature can improve the attention capacity of children with attention deficit disorders. 

  • Being outdoors (local beaches and parks, and other natural and recreational areas) can also make us happier and healthier.  

And this data shows arts are a pathway to: 

  • channel feelings that can be difficult to express 

  • reduce stress and anxiety by forming a healthy distraction from everyday worries  

  • Boost self-awareness, self-esteem, and a sense of satisfaction 

  • reduce levels of depression and improvements in quality of life 


Prebys seeks to fund non-clinical projects that offer proactive and relevant activities that address the health and well-being of San Diegans’ through art and nature. To support these efforts, Prebys is funding two new initiatives: 

Initiatives Overview

Initiatives Overview

Organizations may only apply to one initiative, not both. Please review each FAQ to see which opportunity best aligns with your work.  

Healing through the Arts Initiative 

This initiative funds organizations using the arts to promote physical and mental/emotional well-being by addressing specific community health issues. It embraces the concept of “social prescription,” where nonclinical services, including community arts and cultural activities, are used to prevent or treat health issues. 

Healing through Nature Initiative 

This initiative supports non-clinical approaches to mental well-being by enhancing access to outdoor spaces for underinvested communities, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and engagement with nature. 

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