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Mary Walshok: When the world wants to see the future, they look at California

Black and white image of Mary Walshok crossing her arms framed in orange

In this episode of Stop & Talk, host Grant Oliphant sits down with Dr. Mary Walshok, an influential thinker and powerhouse in the San Diego community. Recently retired from her role as Vice Chancellor at UC San Diego, Mary spearheaded the creation of Park and Market, a facility designed to support serendipitous interactions and collaboration across sectors. She shares her deep insights into the intersection of innovation, community, and economic development.

Mary reflects on her vibrant life story, from her unique upbringing in Palm Springs to her pivotal contributions to the local academic and civic landscape. She discusses San Diego County’s abundant geographic, cultural, and demographic features, emphasizing how these elements can drive creativity and opportunity. Grant and Mary explore Mary’s vision for a diverse and inclusive community where unexpected encounters foster new ideas and opportunities.

Listen to Mary’s reflections on the role of diversity in innovation, the importance of place, and the value of bringing local and global wisdom together.  This episode is a deep dive into how a community can use its unique assets to become a hub of creativity and forward-thinking progress. 


This is a production of the Prebys Foundation.

Hosted by Grant Oliphant

Co-Hosted by Crystal Page

Co-produced by Crystal Page and Adam Greenfield

Engineered by Adam Greenfield

Production Assistance by Tess Karesky

The Stop & Talk Theme song was created by San Diego’s own Mr. Lyrical Groove.

Recorded at the Voice of San Diego Podcast Studio

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